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The City and the Stars

This was my Holiday reading in Berlin. I wanted to get into reading, having not sit and read a book since I finished Tau Zero a few months back. My world has mostly been podcasts and audio books.

I really enjoyed this, I think its the most literary of Clarke’s books. Normally when I am reading something of Clarke’s, I am reading it for the science, and a glimpse of what he sees as the future. I am reading for the world, and the ideas. This time I read because I wanted to know what happened next. All the sci-fi goodness and speculation was there, I enjoyed all the concepts such as the memory banks and the create composed of pure thought. But I also needed to know what Alvin was going to do next. It was a madcap journey though many of Clarke’s ideas, and it was fun ride.

The Incident with then googly eyes

If I did not have enough reason to love my friends, then the fact that they got drunk and stuck googly eyes over my entire house would make me love them.

Below are some of them:

Eyes have also been found on most of the cans in my fridge, my dvds, and cookbooks.