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Portal Companion Cube

So the aim is to build myself one of these out of EVA foam:

Portal Companion Cube

Starting out the planning out, I looked up lots of images online, and got to work with my maths set to draw out some templates.

Then I could use the templates to start cutting out the EVA foam

Once all the cutting was compelte I got my first look at what the finished cube might look like:

This is the first Chamfered piece

This is the first Chamfered piece


The next stage to to sand and chamfer the edges, as you can above the edges are not straight and will need a 45 degree chamfer cut into them, this is going to be challanging around the curved surfaces.

I am little unsure about how the EVA foam its taking to the chamfering, My plan is to chamfer one set and see how they take I can always change plan if needs require it.

2014-11-11 08.12.23
So I have built two corners using the chamfering method, and one without. As you can see the chamerfered one, EVA foam does not take well this sort of fine detailing. The one on the right is looking a  lot better.

Have a brier chat with my executive consultant ( Maddi ), I have decided to lose the chamfer, it would have been nice to add the detail, but I think it will take away more than it will add.

I have also been using them to test out the Plasti-Dip which I am using as a base layer paint, and you can see in the background I have been testing out the hot-pink I am going to use for the heart.

A first look of how it might end up:
2014-11-12 21.46.38

So I have assembled most of the corner pieces, and and sanded a good few of them. I am pinning the parts together, then glueing the inside, and then the outside. Spreading the glue around to fill in gaps. Then sanding it down.

I am hoping the layer of Glue, pasti-dip and paint will smooth out the joints.

Progress as off 24 – Nov!

Nothing much to report past this point, although I think my grey paint might be a tad dark. I expect to have a finished project tomorrow!

Todays progress:

2014-12-03 21.30.01

It is finished !

2014-12-05 14.16.38

Doc Ock (London Comic Con October 2014)

So this was my first attempt at a real cosplay, I failed to take many pictures of the build as it was rather rushed but the result is pretty good.

There is an aluminum frame running up my back, attached the that is 3 lengths of 13mm hose running in 4 directions. ( 3 lengths per direction ).

The segments of the arm are made out of 15mm pipe lagging, duct taped together, with a line of yellow electrical tape running though the middle to give effect.

The claws are crafted out of EVA foam, and glued together :)

Then add welding goggles and a (ladies ) trench coat

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