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Orion Em-1

Cant handle the stress of waiting for the Orion EM-1 mission to fly !
orionLive on NASA TV!

This Video got me so Pumped:

I have actually watched the sun go up in American now, three aborted launches. Two due to wind, and one due to fuel valve.


Cheese Souffle

Not much to say about it really, its a Cheese Souffle. I am just really proud of it, me and and wonderful lady Ellie decided to tackle making one for the first time 😀

This Blog does not have enough cats

This is Ellies new cat Berry, its amazing 😀


I am in love with the whole world… the universe is my girlfriend ( or at-least my crush, it never actually said yes ), so I want to know everything about her, I am fascinated by every beautiful and dark thing it has to offer. I want to feel close to it all.

New Place

Buying bits of furniture for my new place:

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