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There are three types of people in the world.

Most are the first type, those who spend too much time looking after themselves, a lot are the second, which spend to much time looking after others.

I aim to be part of the rare third, those who find a few people and take the best care of them, then spend the rest of my time looking after me.

Good vs Nice

The difference between nice people and good people.

Nice people don’t do many bad things,

Good people actively do good, even at personal cost.

Remember this next time you say you are a nice person, is it really something you want to say?

Why not become a good person, it something to be proud of.


Law does not and should not define what is right and wrong.

Law should define what society finds acceptable, If this is the law of your country, you live in democracy.

Law often defines what are government will allow us to do.If this is the law of your country, then you live in an aristocracy( a form of government in which a few elite citizens rule)

When democracy becomes lazy it devolves more and more power to its democratic representatives, this forms an Aristocracy.

When a democracy realities it has become an aristocracy because it’s Law has come become to control, rather than accept. It must revolt and form a new democracy.

The cycle of democracy too aristocracy is infinite.

What does the Law of your country do? do you live in the democracy you think you do?

The Future

The common man and common woman has an enormous hunger for brotherhood. They are ready for the future now, and they are far ahead of their petty governments and their visionless leaders. They know what they want, they want a future of human beings working together, and they are ready on the whole to give up personal glory to archive it. The few who are not ready to give up power, promise this future in order to gain power, then stop us from going there, to keep and attain more power.


To marry according to the law of the community is to become a full
citizen; to refuse marriage is to be a stranger, a child, an outlaw, a slave, or a traitor. The one
constant in every society of humankind is that only those who obey the laws, taboos, and customs of
marriage are true adults.

-Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card.

I would like to focus on one word of that; taboo

It such a powerful word, to break a tabu is declare your self outlaw. Tabu’s are so powerful yet we barely realize many of them exist, they are so basic to us :

  • cannibalism
  • incest
  • animal-human sex
  • adult-child sex
  • sex with the dead
  • defecation and urination
  • exposure of body parts

Next I want to state too important facts.

1) No taboo is known to be universal, but some (such as cannibalism, intentional homicide, and incest taboos) occur in the majority of societies.

2) Certain taboos have lost their power over periods of time (Homosexuality, interracial marriage).

Now consider the taboo breaker, to them what is taboo to  society is not taboo in the personal. They must consider them self at war with a society which is doing them an injustice. They are outcast and outlaw.

You are a member of a society with taboos, consider the two points I made earlier; No taboo is known to be universal, taboos can lost power.

If these are true, then maybe taboos should not be given the power, that they have. Question your taboos, less you make outcasts out of decent human beings.

Truth, Love

Truth and Love

The most powerful of these is Truth, The most important is Love.

Truth can destroy love, love can not destroy truth.

But for most of we would rather have love than truth, thus I state that love is important.

It is possible to have both, but very hard. Worth it though, love with power of truth is ecstasy.

Love is Magic

One of my favorite authors once said

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic -Arthur C. Clarke..

He understood the nature of the subjective. In this same vein I propose:

Sufficiently deep and powerful love is indistinguishable from stupidity.

Which is why a man might drive a 874 mile round trip for nothing but the chance of a kiss, and consider it the best decision of his life.

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