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Ice Sculpting

Took advantage of a IBM trip to London to spend the weekend. Managed to stop by an Ice sculpting competition on the Isle of Dogs. My camera was dieing so only managed to snap one photo.

It was brilliant, the British team where carving out a lovely Victorian theme. All the scadnivaion countries did very well mostly with shoes, and bears and things. Even ran into my old friends “Bubble & Squeak” from Winchester market while I was there

2014-01-11 13.11.35

Winchester Torch Parade 2013

I went for the first time to Winchester torch light parade, it was huge beyond what I could really of have imagined.  There must have been thousands of people there, it gave a real atmosphere to to walking with them all.

Late night at the V&A Minecraft

I got to mean @Jens and see the awesome decorations of the V&A. They dressed the whole thing up with tones of minecraft props, and had teams who would 3D print chunks of your minecraft world :)

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