Mad Max

I have not entirely recovered from the experience that is this film. I wandered out of the cinema, feeling shaken and confused. I had a less intense reaction last time I was in a car crash . The entire thing is such an intense flood of emotions, fear, joy and trepidation. It inspires as well, it makes me want to be as crazy as the people in this film, it they are so full of passion I want to feel what they feel.

I felt a human connection for almost every character, which in itself is very unique. For a film that’s meant to be an insane adrenaline rush, I felt a closeness and an understanding even for people whose main role really was “#minion 5”.

I have heard talk that people have said that Max did not have enough of a staring role in the movie, which I can understand, I can see what the complaints are based on, but I dont care… Max was brilliant for what he want meant to be. The warn out shell of a man, who has given up and stopped fighting. People don’t snap out of that and he didn’t Max was mad.

This film was insane, and wonderful it was melt your face of… it was rubbing its nipples with sandpaper, and smoothing its balls in chill-sauce. It was a masterpiece that left me a warn out broken man and I loved it.

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