Gun Powder & Rocket Candy (Work in Progress)

What better to do with a rainy bank holiday than to make some Gun Powder and Rocket Candy.

My recipe for the Gunpowder was

  • 75g KNO3 (Saltpeter)
  • 15g Charcoal
  • 10g Sulfur

The method for this is simple, put it all together then Grind the hell out of it using a mortar and pestle, the more you grind, the finer the particles get, and the more surface area the reaction has to take place on. AKA bigger boom

For my Rocket Candy I went for

  • 60g KNO3 (Saltpeter)
  • 40g Glucose
  • 1 g Fe2O3 ( Iron(III) oxide / Fancy Rust )
  • 30ml Water

The method for this is tiny bit more complicated, mix it all together into a suldge and put it in a hot pan, stir it until the water starts to leave, and the sugar starts to carmalise. Then poor in a rocket motor tube.


Rocket Candy


Rocket Candy with a Gunpowder tip

Waiting for Video



Waiting for Video

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