Its a hard life being a Panda…..

I have forgotten how bad anxiety attacks can be having not had one in quite a long time, but the amount I’ve had this week, took their toll a little bit.

With java RMI out of the way, my family sorting its self out, and a talking to from my friends I feeling alot better(thought I am currently in a strange sleep deprived high).

All I need to do now is:
Phoenix presentation
SEG Poster
ToC Bench Test
Not get kicked out of university

Im sure not how well these will go, but I have some excellent friends and I think even if I screw up my degree or get kicked out, I gonna be ok.
I have always planned my life as if being a university student was my only option, but its not as I’m a good programmer, life can go on with out a degree, though I would prefer to have one.

If you a friend of mine and your reading this, then I thank you with all my heart, for I am not insane, and I am strangely happy deep down inside despite how badly my life is going at the moment, and you are a big part of that.

Me thinks sleep is now in order….

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