Java Networking RMI

Credit Card Server
This credit card server offers the ability to verify a Credit card number is genuine,

Check the limit of a credit card,

Get an authorisation code for a Credit card to pay for a set amount,

Check authorisation code is valid for a given credit card and amount.

Checkout (String authcode, String cc,double amount)

Book Store Server

The Servers offers the ability to List Books()

It is also possible to remotely verfiy a user

In addition you can also make a final purchase of the items in your basket, with an authorisation code and a  credit  card

Book Store Client

help à help

lstb à list books

addb à  add book

remb à  remove books

ckot à  checkout

bskt à  display basket

cnct à  connect to credit card, and book servers

To run

Credit Card Server

java -jar BookStore-CreditCardServejar

BookStore Server

java -jar Booke-Server.jar

BookStore Client

java -jar BookStore-Client.jar

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