Every Man is a Island

Every man is an Island.

That Island is core of his soul, where he goes for strength, and where he protects the fragile parts of himself.

When he is attacked or hurt, its like people throwing rocks at his island, it stings, and its annoying, but the Island is untouched and he strike back with all his strength.

His friends have little bridges onto the island, they add to his power and soul. The burning of a bridge hurts, but it can be recovered from, and even repaired.

When he loves, he joins his Island with another, and they become one, this new Island is the most powerful of all, and he will feel unbeatable. Alas there also a risk, if the love fails, is broken or betrayed; the island must be smashed in two. This hurt is the worst of all as the very island its self is being torn and ripped apart, It may not survive. It will never be the same.

This risk is worth it, Islands are better with two. Trust me I know, I love.

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