Visualization and Simulation of Membrane Computing



Membrane computing is an unconventional computing system in the area of natural computing which builds a model of computation from the function and structure of living cells; it is massively parallel, distributed, and non-deterministic. Research in this field is gaining interest and thus better tools for simulation and visualization of membrane system and their algorithms are required.


We will pioneer new methods and new tools for specification, simulation and visualization of membrane systems on electronic computers, in addition to suggesting new data structures for simulation, and new paradigms for membrane specification.


We will devise a language to specify Membrane Computing systems, a parser to translate this specification into a membrane structure stored in memory, and a simulator/interpreter to perform all the calculations associated with a transition membrane system using a fast linear algorithm.

Proposed Solution.

We will deliver a specification for a ‘Membrane Language’, implemented in a fashion similar to that of Object Orientated Programming.

Simulator/Interpreter, implementing fast linear algorithms and data structures for tracking membrane computation.
A visualization engine rendering the state of a membrane system, in addition to providing precise control over playback and debugging features.

Design:Visualization and Simulation of Membrane Computing

Video of Prototype :

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  • Pradeep Isawasan

    Hi Gwilym,

    My name is Pradeep. Currently I’m working with P-systems, and I’m interested in learning the system you developing.

    Would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much.

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