I did almost nothing this weekend, which was a rare change for me. You see, I have this horrible fear that if I fail to use my spare time wisely, I will just become this lonely boring old bachelor. Who sits a lone with his TV dinner and watches the match, so I tend to over compensate.
This means I fill all my spare time with traveling, and learning, and doing things. This was my week:
Monday: Kickboxing & RPG, Talk to ex-gf
Tuesday:Olympic Wreasling + Weekly shop
Wednesday: Jiu-Jitsu + St.John Ambulance
Thursday: MMA + Grapling + Comedy Club
Friday: Talk to my dad + Valentines time with new lady friend
Saturday: catch the train to leeds + go to my friends house warming
Sunday: Catch the train home, + catch up with my Mum & Cat.

So anyway this weekend I did nothing, I slept, I took long baths, I ordered in takeaway. It was good, and a reminder that I need to stop and recharge from time to time.

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