National Noval Writing Month

Iā€™m going attempt to write a novel as part of . I doubt I will make the 50K word mark they suggest, I don’t have the time, or the spelling & grammar, or you know…. the ability to write very well in general.

I am going to aim for 25K, if I make that, for this year it will be a success!

This is the quick outline I have so far:

Gereral Idea:

Posative sci-fi

Buddy cops, one grim anti-tech, and more cheerful and upbeat.

Humans embrace technology at the end, realise they will never be replaced by it, only encanced.
They can work together

20 Chapters Around 2500 words each.

1)Introduction, establisihes the AI switch on a plot point, maybe written in the form of a news article.
2)Introucuce our tropy buddy cops, Crime happens!
3)Investigate crime!
4)Kick Crimes ASS using SCIENCE!
5)Evidence is unvalided, AI looks bad! corporate coruption etc..
10) Death of Cheerful Cop.
14) Find the end of the trail, evidence if bullshit.
15) Switch on chapeter! Moral dilema !
17) AI attacks crime, human helps
18) Human Attacks crime, AI helps
19) Human leans AI not so bad. realise they need each other
20) Eliloge

I wonder if it will actually end up anything like that šŸ˜›

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