Leeds art Gallery

While helping my friends Joe & Becky move into there new place in leeds, we visited the leeds art gallery.

Thesse are some of the pieces I really enjoyed.

Le dortoir de Moret by Léon Richet

This picture does not really do it justice. When seen in person the atmosphere of the painting is real, you can scene it. You can almost smell the soil and leaves of the road.

Reflections on the Thames, Westminster by John Atkinson Grimshaw

In Peril (The Harbour Flare) by John Atkinson Grimshaw

These pair by John Atkinson Grimshaw are just beautiful, again they contain so much that excites my other sences. I feel like I am really there, I really enjoy the reflections in the thames, as I remember spending an evening leaning against a rail in a similar fashion.

The crown of my vist though was Retribution by Edward Armitage (below). Joe gave me my first introduction to allegorical painting. Below Britannia slays the Bengali Tiger as reprisal for the Indian Mutiny. Viewed from a 21st century perspective, it is a provocative imperialistic version of events which at that time fuelled a highly emotional response in a jingoistic British public.The man stands a defender for civilization (look at the background) and culture ( the books at his feet), against the wild untamed indian (The jungle background).

Retribution, by Edward Armitage

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