The first day of my Adventure ( July 5 2014 )

This was the first day of my adventure across Europe. In some ways the most boring, but I was very proud of myself for going at all.

Spent the night before carefully packing, repacking, checking tickets and planning,and then it was time to be off:

I caught the

  • #5 bus from Sainsburys to Winchester station
  • Train from Winchester Waterloo
  • Tube from Waterloo to St Panrus
  • St Pancreas to Garde du Nord!
  • Then Paris Metro to meet my Host



Florence was lovely, she very polite and welcoming, bless her she had even cooked for me but had not realized that I didn’t eat fish. She had a lovely little apartment which I liked a lot, I wish I could have taken a picture without being rude.

It was split horizontally like a giant bunk bed, which took up most of the room and had a living room underneath.

Much like this



The Elevator upto her apartment was an experience all of its own, tiny unlike English elevators I barely fitted in it with my backpack on it was more like a vertical coffin.

After some food she was kind enough to take me on my first tour of paris, which ended at a out door cinema set up by the banks of seine. They were placing songs from the musicals both English and french and everyone was singing along.

Here are some of the photos I took along the way:

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