Second Day in Paris ( The Church of Saint Sulpice )

I did much more on my second day in paris, in face I sort of did everything. The Eiffel tower, Champs-Élysées, Arc de triomphe, Montmartre etc…

2014-07-06 11.58.36

But the place that still sticks with me is Saint Sulpice. It is the most beautuiful church I have ever been in. I say this with a little hesitation as though my travels over the next month I would visit I lot of churches, and I became aware that I grew a little sick of them. So maybe some of my pleasure was dude to this being my first experience of the architecture of continental Europe.


It was certainly a new experience for me, my pictures do not capture it well, but the atmosphere is so different from any church in Britain which I can now only think of a “lazy gothic” They are large and dark and oppressing, but without the truly dark magisty of being Gothic.




I suspect I am a hypocrite though, and when I see Durham again, I will love it, and my loves are mostly those of the new and different. For all my rambles  Saint Sulpice is a beautiful magical place, light and airy. I feel like I could spend an afternoon in Saint Sulpice and feel at piece and happy. I am finding hard to describe being there, it is a happy place.






It was my real pleasure to see the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice, which is an astronomical measurement device in Paris, designed to cast a shadow on the ground in order to determine the position of the sun in the sky.

I enjoy studying the history of science and took a great deal of pleasure in visiting it and leaning how it had once worked.


The sunlight passes through a small round opening in the southern stained-glass window of the transept, at a height of 25 metres, forming a small light disk on the floor; this disk will cross the meridian each time the sun reaches its zenith at true noon. The sun will cross different parts of the meridian depending the time of year, as the sun will be more or less high in the sky at noon. A point on the meridian is marked with a gold disk which shows the position of the sun at an equinox. It is located right in front of the altar.

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