Return to Rome

As of the time of writing, I have not yet actually put my first trip on this blog ! Because its like Effort man.

However I went back to rome with Ellie, and her friends Sophie & Damion.

Day 1)
We arrived at our little flat which we rented via AirBnB It was nice, though is too often the case it was smaller than the pictures, and it took us a while to realise the dinning room was the second bedroom, you had to convert between the too.

We weant for a lovely meal, I enjoy some Roman style Artichoke, Pizza, and wine :) and sophies friends discovered is VERY easy to get me drunk.

Though we did manage to capture a picture of me where I do not look like an idiot.

1901718_10154871356295327_56136612725348270_nWe then weant to bed.

Day 2)

I had planed to take us on a tour of Rome, We did the

  • Pantheon and visited Rapel
  • Took a quick took at my favorite obelisk ( Bernini’s elephant )
  • Had my first cafe roma ( SUGAR AND CAFFEINE )
  • Piazza Navona and the fountain of the four rivers.
  • Pizzza del Popolo and the church of Santa maria del popolo. ( saw the chigi chapel )
  • Then stopped by the Spanish steps for a break, and some lunch.
  • We decided to skip the rest of my tour, and instead walked up the tiber.
  • To the Castlo del Angelo.
  • Though St Peters square.
  • Then went on the guided tour of the Vatican, Sophie kindly arranged for us.

I have been the the Vatican museum before, but this tour was really worth it, and made me see the Sistine chapel in a new light as some of the symbolism was explained to me.

Day 3) We dedcided to split up for the morning, the other two went to the Colosseum, while me and ellie spend a lazy morning wandering rome, grabbing sweets.

Ellie fell ill, so I took her home, met up with the others, and we climbed st peters. I said prayers inside for my friend Phil Brown, and for my gran parents.

We climbed the dome, and attempted to watch the sunset, but it was cloudy!


Day 4) On the last morning, we decided to visit the Trevi on our way to the airport, even though it was being worked on. We threw coins as is the tradition.

Then ellie realised she had left her passport at the flat, and thus followed a mad dash get the owners to open up so we could search for it, then a cab ride the the airport.

All in all a good holiday.

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