Delfin L29 Simulator

I went along to Top Gun Flight Simulators this weekend which my parents had kindly bought a package from as my Christmas present.

Thanks to this, I got to fly a simulator for a Delfin L29

Deflin L29

It was great, they had a wonderful setup in the cockpit:

Delfin L29 Cockpit

They did not go easy on me at all, made me take off with the correct lights, turn them off, adjust my flaps, turn fuel on on and off, retract landing gear. It was great fun, I really felt like I was flying though it was tough and I felt drained.

My instructor co-pilot flew me down the Menai Strait, and under the Brittana Bridge, and after a couple of aborted attempts of my own, I managed to do it all by myself .

I flew under this :)

We did some acrobatics, and other tricks, flew around, and then did some circuits back at the airfield, before I attempted a landing which went rather well.

All in all a very fun time:

2014-11-29 12.17.59

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