Third and final day in Paris

This was my last day in paris, I had stayed with a new couch surfing host. The lovely Marion and Theo.

The evening before Marion needed to go shopping and had taken me to a sort of shopping district, mall thing. It was a few rows of shops, it was interesting but there was not much I could not have brought in England. I tried a chocolate olive which turned out to be something like an M&M a bit of peanut, then chocolate and then a shell.

I decided to spend my last day in Paris on a visit to the Palace of Versailles.2014-07-08 12.02.07

As you can see the approach is incredible, ( though the clouds did some extra work for me here ). The only thing I can think of that gives me the same feeling of approaching majesty is St.Peters. Your whole walk to Versailles Tells you clearly that this is a palace, and the people in it are better than you, and you are tiny.

2014-07-08 12.46.06

I found out using my UK passport I could get free entry, being a backpacker, this was the best news EVER. So I lined up for an hour at the ticket office, to get my free ticket. Only to find out my passport WAS my free ticket. So I then joined then 1.5-2 hour queue to get into the palace. About 20mins from door, the heavens opened. I could not believe how many people who had waited over an hour where just abandoning the queue! I was getting soaked, but I didn’t mind  I knew I could change into dry clothes from my backpack. I lovely little old Chinese lady tried to protect me with her  umbrella but I declined, In Mandarin  which surprised her!

2014-07-08 14.47.112014-07-08 15.05.19

Above a couple of pictures of the inside of Versailles, I didn’t get much time inside. The nearly three hours of queues had robbed me of quite a bit of time, and my goodness was it packed. I have never felt like cattle so much my entire life. Pushed from room to room, barely able to move. I would have loved Versailles, but I lacked the piece to enjoy it, or even to stand still for two minutes without being shoved over. It was beautiful though, the paintings and the frescoes made me think of the Vatican. I would like to visit again when I have more time, and also to see the Gardens, I caught the odd glimpse of them out of the windows and if many videos I watched, and signs I read are to be believed they are the true treasure of Versailles.

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