10 Things I hate about you

10 Things I Hate About You is a 1999 American teen romantic comedy-drama film. The film, a modernization of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew

I really enjoyed it, the characters where quirky and interesting. I did worry when I thought about implication of the title with regards to the main character. I.e that she needs to be tamed, and made to act like a proper woman. Then I thought about the actual journey she goes though in the film. She is not made into a “perfect girl”. Nor is she fixed by putting here hair up, and wearing a nice dress. Her love treats here the same in dungarees and in dresses.

It is more that she has been repressing a side of her, that enjoys feminine things, and who wants to fall in love, because of fear. The film as I see it is about her re-accepting that side of her, and starting to take risks. I like that it personal development and growth while retaining her own personality.

There is a sudden and semi-unexplained flip in Heath Ledgers characters behavior which is a little annoying, but nothing that truly spoils the film for me.

Also the trope of “I did this bad thing, then I fell for you, and now you have found about the bad thing, but you need to know its not about the XYZ anymore I love you”

It has certainly given me a desire to read or watch a performance of Taming of the Shrew.

Would watch again

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