The Kingsmen

I loved this film, it was wonderful ripost to everything that has left me dissatisfied with modern spy movies.

It was hilarious , its action sequences where steady with none of this shakey “Bourne cam”, never the less it has some creative use of camera work. It combines a actions and humour in a way, that makes me think of the great Jackie Chan.

It had a subtle but not overstated commentary on the changes happening within England, and its class divides.The film was selfware, and genuinely original with its humor and its plot. It was both shocking and utterly believable in a surreal way.

The villain, the violence and the plot are demented and evil, which is great. Because I have never been more excited for a hero to get there in time and save the day.

I have one complaint about the film, and it is the clossing joke. It is just… off, it is a wrong note, in a otherwise beautiful symphony. It bugs me.

You like spy movies? When I was a kid that was my dream job. Gentleman spy….

‘Nowadays they’re a little serious for my taste. Give me a far-fetched theatrical plot any day.

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