Comic book table(Work in progress)

So this project all started with a Christmas present from the wonderful Miss Ellie, a book of 75 years of marvel comic book art Having recived such a nice thing, we then went on destroy it. We thought about making a giant poster, or a collearge of some kind, but then it hit me we have a old battered table that could do with being made much cooler, why dont we cover it?

We could cover all of it, so
Step 1) Was to disable the table and paint the area that where not to be covered black. We used a black eggshell paint for this. ( I forgot to take post painting pictures )

Step 2) Cut out the comics!

Step 3) We got a non yellowing polyethylene based varnish, and used this to paste comics onto the table top

Step 3.1) I found some of the comics did not stick down well, so I put over another layer of varnish, and then covered the table with clingfilm and heavy books.

2015-02-04 06.39.15

Step 4) comics, dont make a great surface, we need something harder so I used epoxy resin from eli chemicals

Step 5) The chairs don’t match! So I needed to break the seats off the chairs and start painting them

Step 6) We need new cushions, so I brought a marvel bed spread and some stuffing and made new ones

Finished results

<put pictures here >

Shopping list and total price

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