Fallout Nuka Cola Quantum bottles

I have decided to make an attempt on this Instuctable

The shopping list has been quite a headache, but we are getting close, the first few items where easy

  • Great Ebay shop
    • three 5mm red LEDs
    • three 5mm blue LEDs
    • two 5mm ultraviolet LEDs (#176-0014)
    • one 150 ohm resistor (for the UV LEDs) (#271-1109)
    • one mini momentary push button switch (#274-1547)
    • one submini slide switch (#275-0409)
  • Amazon
    • third hand
    • black spray paint
    • red and blue florescent paint
    • .220″ thick acrylic glass
    • size K coaxial DC power jack (#274 1565)

Some of the American parts started to get me though:

  • 355 ml Mexican Coke bottle

was a bit of puzzler for a man that lives in the UK, but I manged to find it at American Fizz , the next item was even worse, from the inscrutable you can see even Americans are having trouble finding it.

  • -a solid metal exhaust gasket 2 17/32″ inside diameter.

This took some dective work, but I managed to track one down at O’reily’s auto parts…. in america, Luckily I know a few Americans from backpacking, and I found out my lovely friend grace is a mere few miles from a store. She has picked me one up, and it should be winging its way accrss the Atlantic any day now.

Now the next part of give me trouble is

  • a piece of sheet metal cut to 3.5″ diameter circle

A tricky one, not becuase of the materials, but off the tools required to make it.


Still to find:

  • -1/4″ drill bit
    -5/64″ drill bit
    -J-B Weld
  • -glue
    -about a foot of 20 gauge insulated wire
    -bailing wire

    -3″ PVC cut to 2 1/4″ high


Update 24/07/2-15

I found that I could get away without much of that when I came back to this project a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to assemble it with what I already had.

I should have taken more notes along the way, but things got kind of busy. I blew quite a few LED’s in my first attempt at making something electronic in quite a long time. Some of the soldering is probably not what you would call pretty either 😛 but it is a great looking lamp and I am pretty proud of it. Was scary as hell the first time I plugged into a real socket, rather than my breadboard.

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