I am Gwilym.

Its hard to start a page about yourself, what do you mention first?

  • I am an IBM software Engineer, but that is just my job.
  • I am a nerd, who likes sci-fi and comics books
  • But I am also a Travel Enthusiast
  • and I love Cooking !
  • and Video games
  • and learning all sort of things,
  • I enjoy seeing all the friends who are dear to me.
  • Having CouchSurfering  people over is great fun.
  • I love listening to audio books, as I sit a make things.
  • You quite often see me out with St John Ambulance
  • I have taken to Running, and Mixed Martial Arts
  • I had an obsession once memorizing poems
  • and another with origami.
  • Boardgames are amazing
  • Music, bands such Walk of the Earth, Jonathan Coulton, Flight of the Concords, and Velfpeck  speak to me.
  • I can enthusiastic about almost anything, especially if new.

If you really want to honestly understand me, I am afraid. I have a crippling fear of wasting my life which forces me to constantly push to find and do new things. This is what this blog has been re-purposed to do it is now a scoreboard of everything I have done to combat that fear.

I never want to be this man or this one.

I want to look back on my life and find

  • I had friends who loved me like I loved them.
  • That I lived far more than existed.

That will be success for me, that is how I will know I have won.

….and on the bombshell, maybe some boring things, links to profiles

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