This is a page to keep my list of “Upcoming projects”, links and notes of stuff mostly for myself, but its cool if you get enthusiastic about it as well, want to come over and help?



Grow my own Bismuth Crystals

Looks like its pretty easy to find Bismuth metal on ebay.

Attempt Gallium infiltration of Aluminum

Need to acquire Gallium

Make my own Gun Powder

Legally I can make 100 grams for experimentation, so long as I don’t store it.


Make my own attempt at Project Icarus


Tesla Coil

I have always wanted to build one, and a Jacobs ladder. This for sure on my list of things to do before I die. It fact it may be the last thing.

Sterling Engine

Make a Sterling Engine, I dont think I can make one with my tools, but maybe a kit ?

Other things to make:

A Clock

Ellie has pointed out, we dont own a clock, so I was thinking of making a Nixie Clock, just need to design and make one :) Probably design the case, and get the nixie tubes from a kit.

A claptrap!

Eva foam, a wheel and a glowing EYE!
It will look great minion.

Portal Turret

something along the lines of this instructable

A pip boy 3000

Start, using the files in this instuctable, then get thesse guys to print it. Scale the whole thing, and put a screen for an R-pi in there. It might just work……..

A collage of pictures of my friends

Build this PC


A frame for my dinosaur bone

Using this : picture

A set of fallout bottles

Maybe something along the lines of this:
reddit link

This looks like a good instuctable for it as well

Avengers Disassembled

This is a fledgling idea, but I was thinking of a set of props, from fallen avengers. Something in the spirit of this cover.

I would need

  • Thors hammer ( I can spell it )
  • an arc reactor, or some iron man costume

A comic book table

The lovely miss Paine, brought me a book of comic book covers through the ages, which I was fun to have a flick though, but with her permission ( It was actual her idea ) we might turn it into a comic book dinning table.

I has another idea, I could do the same thing with famous scientific papers?

Giant Squid


Bleach T-shirt


Printed wood


Make my own bread!

Start with wheat seeds, finish with bread.


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