Java Networking RMI

Credit Card Server
This credit card server offers the ability to verify a Credit card number is genuine,

Check the limit of a credit card,

Get an authorisation code for a Credit card to pay for a set amount,

Check authorisation code is valid for a given credit card and amount.

Checkout (String authcode, String cc,double amount)

Book Store Server

The Servers offers the ability to List Books()

It is also possible to remotely verfiy a user

In addition you can also make a final purchase of the items in your basket, with an authorisation code and a  credit  card

Book Store Client

help à help

lstb à list books

addb à  add book

remb à  remove books

ckot à  checkout

bskt à  display basket

cnct à  connect to credit card, and book servers

To run

Credit Card Server

java -jar BookStore-CreditCardServejar

BookStore Server

java -jar Booke-Server.jar

BookStore Client

java -jar BookStore-Client.jar

MARK 1st -83%

Removed by Request of University of Durham

SA- Health Informatics Visualization

The use shaping the data into Male/Female figures this allows the data to label its self allowing the ’Ink’ to serve multiple purposes’. Use of Male/Female allows user to get a fast impression of the data or  ‘gist’ (Ware).  The totals are represented as heights  of the Male/Female figures, and the Male/Female Percentages as the heights of the dark shades of the pink & blue, Not Area(Tufte). This means the Ink  showing  4 pieces of data Time, Gender, Total & Percentage(Tufte) Use only half Male/Female shapes to reduce duplication, and allow easier comparison between Male& Female half’s.(Ware)

Consistent use pink and blue to represent male and females, allowing the user to intake information faster(Ware), and also makes sure the graph shows design variation rather than design variation.(Tufte)

The user can switch on Data labels to get exact percentages and totals  to defeat graphical distortion and ambiguity(Tufte) , The user can switch on Data Sets on & off to allow comparisons of only percentages or only totals(Tufte)

I have kept all the numbers for each Male/Female Figure within 1sq inch this allows the user to pick them out in a small number of ‘passes’ with there eye(Ware)

Possible lie factor due to population growth  4.13 % from 1999 – 2009 (UK Census Data)

Using figure height allows user to get over perception of the data without detailed study.(Ware)

Other than Labels(which can be turned off) all Ink is Data Ink, thus this visualisation

The Graphic Displays 4 dimensions of data (Time, Gender, Total & Percentage) in 2 Dimensions

The Graphic Displays 3 dimensions of data (Waist Size, Gender, Illness) in 2 Dimensions (Tufte)

The percentage for Non Raised Waist Circumference(NRWC)  , Raised Waist Circumference(RWC), and Population Total (AVG), are draw as circles with the radius proportional to the percentage. This introduces a possibly for graphical distortion and ambiguity, In attempt to reduce this I have layed the circles on top of one another(Ware) , this focuses the user on the gap between there sizes , and thus the liner difference in radius, rather than comparing their area (Tufte)

By placing the sets of circles in a two dimensions grid, and keeping a constant scale the user may pan their eye across to make not just comparisons between Waist Size, but Gender and Illness

The user can switch on Data Sets on & off to defeat graphical distortion and ambiguity(Tufte)

Bless you

It really bugs me that we have something to say when sneeze but not when they cough or hic-up. (I know about the plague being the souse of the saying). I think we should extend the Idea thus I suggest

“Breath Easy”


Sunny days are not only amazing for there ability to make a day awesome, but when you wake up and sense the approach of a sunny day, you already start to feel better. Anything that can make me feel better right now is doing some seriously hard work.


I am being to believe that unrequited love is one of most painful things you can suffer in day to day life. Even if that love is of the kind that belongs to friendship, rather than passion. It is never pleasant to adore and be unadored.

This is a rather melancholy post so I will quote so peanuts to cheer you up ^_^

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love

Charlie Brown

How we Teach Introductory Computer Science is Wrong:Rebuttal

The original 1985 Sweller and Cooper paper on worked examples had five studies with similar set-ups. There are two groups of students, each of which is shown two worked-out algebra problems. Our experimental group then gets eight more algebra problems, completely worked out. Our control group solves those eight more problems. As you might imagine, the control group takes five times as long to complete the eight problems than the experiment group takes to simply read them. Both groups then get new problems to solve. The experimental group solves the problems in half the time and with fewer errors than the control group. Not problem-solving leads to better problem-solving skills than those doing problem-solving. That’s when Educational Psychologists began to question the idea that we should best teach problem-solving by having students solve problems.

How we Teach Introductory Computer Science is Wrong

This paper then goes on to explain how programmers should now be taught like this.
This would seem to suggest the the best programming course would be a slide show of common programming problems and example code that solves them. I however have a problem with this, I think this method of teaching will turn out really really good code monkeys, NOT programmers. I would like to refer back to the FizzBuzz test for those of have not heard me personally rant about it :-

Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”.

Most good programmers should be able to write out on paper a program which does this in a under a couple of minutes. Want to know something scary? The majority of comp sci graduates can’t. I’ve also seen self-proclaimed senior programmers take more than 10-15 minutes to write a solution.

Why Can’t Programmers.. Program?

I think this is the problem. In that first study where students where shown how to work out algerba problems, they will now work out those problems much faster than any other student. However I believe if they are shown problems that varry from these even by a small margin they will begin to fail very fast. This I believe is what the FizzBuzz test begins to pick up on, we as undergrads are never really show a problem that looks like the FizzBuzz, so only those programmers who know how to solve orginal problems can do it.

I believe they are really 3 kinds of Porgrammer:

  • Code Monekys: adapt solutions they have seen before, to simler problems.
  • Programmers: Can create new solutions to problems within the logical structure they understand.
  • Hackers(Uber Programmers): Can adapt the solutions within logical stucture they understand to solve problems in unexpected ways.

Taking the approve mnaterial into account I believe you train :

  • Code Monkeys: by showing them code, and they will then be able to stick together that code with other bits and solve simple problems.
  • Programmers: by making them solve problems them self’s, and even better get them to work on private projects, even if they are crazy and will never work they will learn skills in doing them.
  • Hackers(Uber Programmers): im not sure how you train these, other than sets them problems they should noty be able to be solved, and see what happens

There is room in the world for all of these kinds of programmers be be aware, of which type you are creating becase Code Monkeys can solve alot of problems but to produce somthing great you nearly always need a Programmer or a Hacker.

Life is Good

Over the last to weeks I have been travelling I have gone


In the last to weeks I have

  • Seen the northan lights
  • Watched a volcanno errupt,
  • Snowmobiled down a mountain
  • Dog sledded acrocess black sand beachs
  • Sailed in the north Atlantic
  • Been farted on by a whale
  • Got lost on purpose in another country
  • Punted down a river in cambridge
  • Sat on an Island and stared at the sea for hours
  • Swam in a thermal spring
  • Seen a Geyser explode
  • Ridden a Super Jeep across a glacier
  • Had a BBQ
  • Eaten some AMAZING FUDGE(it really does belong in a list that includes “Watched a volcanno errupt” )
  • Ridden a horse across lava fields
  • Travelled a Total of over 3369 miles

I have been to

  • 3 Waterfalls
  • 3 restaurants(I was asked to leave 1, but I have still been there)
  • A botanic Gardern,
  • 2 Museums
  • 2 Art Gallerys.

Life Is Good People, Life is so very Good

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